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Programación: Programar

ACTIVITIES inside the Congress 


  • Objectives: Address a specific topic in depth within the three blocks to be discussed at the summit. Approximately five conferences will be held each day in order to dive deeper into each topic and to deal with it from different points of view. 


  • Description of the different performances: A person will be in charge of introducing the speaker, linked with a brief description of his/her professional career and the specific topic on which the conference will be focus. The speaker will then begin with the development of his topic. At the end, there will be time for questions and comments.  


  • Speakers: They would all be recognized professionals in their various fields. Experts in a variety of fields will be present to ensure that the breadth of topics covered in the conferences will be maximized. 

Round table meetings

At the round table meetings the point of view of several people will be listened about the topic in question. 

A person will act as a moderator. He/she will be in charge of sharing a brief introduction and determining the topic to be discussed. To continue with, the speaker will be introduced, and the order of their interventions will be explained. 


Once all the interventions have been concluded, the moderator will make a brief summary about the formulated ideas and different highlights, if any. 


To sum up, there will be time for any questions to be answered.


  • The tributes will take place during the last session of each day. The honoree will be introduced, explaining his or her professional trajectory and the reasons given for the tribute. 

  • Award ceremony: An award ceremony will be held on the last day to reward the companies. 

Business agendas 

As a complementary action and parallel to the congress, a program of individual agendas where national and international agents with common interests meet. 

A specific business room will be set up at the congress site, where personalized agendas can be subject for prior registrations by participants.

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