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André Ibañez
VP & Head of International Relations

1.- Your Biodata

Global Travel & Events Director, specialising in business travel & MICE sector. Direct-focus on identifying new opportunities for savings and how to obtain efficiency in a global travel program. Plays a key role in the globalization strategy of MAXAM around the world. Responsible for the travel operating account, with a direct impact on ebitda.
VP- Vice President - International Relations AEGVE > Spain Travel Manager´s Association | Executive MBA & MBS by IE Business School. Degree in Business Administration & Tourism.

2.- What does this event mean for you and what does it mean for AEGVE at both international and national level? 

As a Global Travel & Events Director; and VP of AEGVE this International Summit have 3 mains goals:

  • EDUCATION: Beyond an international summit, we offer brilliant speakers, fresh ideas and continuous inspiration at 7-plus educational a over two days.

  • NETWORKING: Countless opportunities to connect with the Europe business travel industry and make new business deals.

  • RE-CONNECT: Technology and the pandemic made businesses rethink which trips are absolutely necessary. But traveling is deeply rooted in human culture. The desire to explore places, learn new cultures, meet people, made business in foreign environments remains the primary driver of future business travel.     

3.- From the subject’s point of view, what do you consider most relevant for your sector? 

With business travel streamlined, the travel business is reinventing itself. More companies are leveraging (and harnessing) technology to improve their processes, communication, data management, operations, and services. On the rise in the business travel industry are new trends like process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, intelligent assistants, and blockchain technologies that companies adopt to stay competitive in a rapidly changing business environment. Process automation & technology are trending in the business travel, offering a range of solutions for the industry, from booking flights or hotels to advertising and real-time information. It makes travel business management simple, less costly, and more efficient.


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In 2021, Spain hosts the INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT TRAVEL MANAGEMENT celebration, being AEGVE, the Spanish Association of Corporate Travel Managers, the introducer of the event. For this reason, and given the current difficulties that the corporate travel industry is going through all around the world, it is considered a unique opportunity to hold an event that will serve as a reference point for both national and international participants. 

Thanks to Turismo de Andalucía for hosting us, and thanks to all the attendees of the sector for trusting and joining such a crucial meeting as this one. 

We are waiting for you. 


Juanma Fernández

AEGVE’s chairman

Interviewing Alberto Ortiz de Saracho, Andalusian Tourism Managing Director


What does the Summit mean for Malaga in terms of tourism?

Andalusia in general and Malaga in particular, are territories in which we are committed to consolidate them as destinations for the organization of major events and relevant appointments, as in this case, due to the great impact that this type of meeting generates in the chosen venue and its area of influence.

The direct economic return in the city is evident, but as well it must be added an indirect return in promotion, since major business, sporting or cultural events provide an undoubted indirect benefit through the dissemination of the destination and its impact in the media and among professionals themselves.

In addition, they give the opportunity to directly present the offer of the territory, in this case Malaga, to the agents of the sector, professionals who will know the possibilities of the community for the development of their field of business, but who will also enjoy the tourism proposals and will be motivated to repeat the visit personally with their family or friends.

Likewise, the holding of these events in the community allows to show an image of Andalusia as a destination of guarantees, quality, and safety, with an extraordinary capacity for both holiday and business tourism and for professional meetings.

What strategy does the Tourism’s Department have that makes it necessary to hold this event?

This is a clear commitment to the development of the corporate travel segment, being this meeting an opportunity to generate commercial ties with the industry sector in Malaga and its province, as well as in Andalusia as a whole. It should not be forgotten that this is a segment of relevance for the destination that strengthens and diversifies the tourism offer.

The professional activity of the companies that will meet at this event, focused on attracting and organizing conventions, corporate events, incentive travel, and product presentations, has an important weight within the MICE industry, a sector to which we pay special interest in the General Plan for Sustainable Tourism Goal 2027.

The economic impact of corporate events and business trips, which allow participants to share experiences that transmit the essence of the destination, is five times greater than the one of conventional vacation tourists. This is therefore a particularly attractive client for the region, which, in addition, contributes to seasonal adjustment.

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