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AEGVE is the one in charge of organizing 


With a dynamic and enterprising spirit, in defense of the interests of its members, aware of the changes that are taking place in the travel industry and in our society from a technological and economic point of view, it has been launched a strategic plan as a tool that allows the participation as a “NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION” for the defense of the sector’s interests and for its strong commitment with the ASSOCIATIONISM and tourist destinations. 


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AEGVE, has the support for the organization of this event of:


SUMMIT INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL MANAGEMENT’s purpose is to encourage and facilitate the exchange of information and advice on issues of common interest that may arise in the various domestic and international areas in which the different departments operate, including aerial transportation and hotel industry policy. 

A forum will also be provided to discuss common strategic visions, synergies in issue management and common advocacy on issues where there is unity of interest. 

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