To sponsor

From AEGVE we offer the opportunity to join your brand image to a unique event at an international level, where you will benefit from original and beneficial counterparts for your company. 

Your company will be directly linked to the values that the event imparts, with and impact that will transcend beyond the European level, as the SUMMIT influence will have a high impact level both nationally and internationally. 

For the SUMMIT we are looking for entities that are committed to the corporate travel work. 

By sponsoring and event of this nature, you are linking your company’s and the INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT TRAVEL MANAGEMENT’s image, promoting the relationship between agents, between companies, and between the specialized media. 

Your brand image will be reinforced with: 

-    Participate in the first international event of the business travel sector. 
-    Marketing synergies.
-    Exchange and knowledge of world markets. 
-    Business agendas.

To continue with, the following reasons why you should attend this worldwide event in CÓRDOBA as a brand sponsor collaborator:

-    Business associations and client companies.
-    More than 150 people in one week.
-    Specialized general media in picking up news and event.
-    Cordoba, World Heritage City.
-    Unbeatable strategic location and link with the major Spanish capitals, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Malaga.
-    More than 160 days a year of good weather.
-    A worldwide event in a city where business, culture, tourism, and gastronomy come hand to hand.


-    Presence of the logo and banners on the official website of the event.
-    Presence of your logo in all Newsletter mailings of the event.
-    Presence of your company’s advertising in all official printed advertising used to promote the event.
-    Right to use the logo or image of the event to publicize the sponsorship that your company carries out. 
-    Invitations to the acts programmed for the event.
-    Possibility of giving away merchandising in some of the acts that are held.
-    Institutional act of the signing of the sponsorship agreement, where we will organize a press conference for this purpose.
-    Projection of your image on the advertising supports provided at the meetings’ venue, conferences, round table meetings, cross agendas, etc.
-    Presence of the logo in all the videos that will be edited to promote the SUMMIT. 
-    Possibility of setting up a stand during the celebration of the event at the venue.
-    Media advertising in the Campaign at a local and national level, that will be developed in order to sponsor the event and grateful advertising once the event is over.

Condiciones de patrocinio summit internacional (b).png